Friday, February 15, 2013


Baby Patrick was the most happy and good child I have ever looked after. That was just his personality to be calm and as you
say happy chappy.
(Even his parents, when I asked them when they are going to have another child very quickly answered: „ Not a chance, we
know well that we would never have another such a good child, so we will not risk it“)
Patrick was from Ireland, so we enjoyed our walks in a lovely nature full of cows and the greenest grass you could see, listen
to lovely Irish music whilst drinking Guinness. (Well that is not entirely true, Patrick drunk a lot, but of his lovely milk, and I
gave my priority to the juices and that king of stuff, so we really didn’t stick to this Irish national tradition)
With Patrick I reassured myself that Angels do exist. I just don´t know, how long will it keep up with him. I wish him and his
family the longest time possible with this golden child.

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