Friday, February 15, 2013


For this story I will go back to Ireland. I looked after three boys there. The youngest one was just two and half year old. And this young boy gave me many reasons to think…
One day we played with Flynn as usually. Flynn was very calm and curious boy. We discovered everything we possibly could about his lovely toys. Then I would usually sit and watch Flynn how he plays by himself. (I think that it is very important when the child is able to play on his own as well. Child fantasy is amazing and it is a shame to compartmentalize it from our adult´s world – the child itself can play differently, significantly more fully than we can offer them, we should be more in position of stimulating them when needed and lead them as best we can to keep them in their world for as long as we are able to. And so I adored Flynn for playing so nicely with his trains.
When He looked up to me, I told him: „Flynn you are such a good boy, playing so nicely with your toys“. He smiled and answered: „I also know, how to watch TV nicely.“
At that moment I realized that our children will be that happy as we let them to be. In following days I observed the family routine to see where was that sacred sentence coming from and it didn´t take long to find it out.
Flynn´s mum was a perfectionist, so most of the days she was trying to get rid of some dirt on her fridge, dishwasher, ground, etc. But this dirt weren´t even here, she was just hallucinating, but the dirt which were starting to show up was the one on Flynn´s heart, but she didn´t notice them. Very simply put, at the time mum was cleaning (it was for most of the day), Flynn was left to be occupied with his TV, because that way mum was sure she gets enough of a space to do her business.
And my question is: „Was that child happy?“ Only because his mum felt more responsible for sparkling ground then the quality time for her own child, he was left with this media box. As a consequences of that were two things – after few weeks Flynn didn´t know how to play anymore (so he lost something what belongs to the level of his development and stage of his life and what is so special just for this age) and began to be very restless and was calling for his only fun – television more often.
Even when brothers came home from school, he was still more often calling for his best friend – television. And what is the result of it – you judge yourself.

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