Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby David

Baby David was a little sunshine. He was a very good boy for being only four months old and he was quite big too. When we measured him, we found out that he actually has a weight and height of six month old baby. David was too little for me being able to take some dizzying suggestion. I have only realized that all parents are different. David´s parents were very meticulous about his baby boy, and even that he was already their second child. They were very fussy about his feeding, clothing, etc., but also about his very silent crying. They suggested that he has some problems with his colom and dad often used the special proximal tubule for helping the intestines to move. (At that time I saw it for the first time ever)
But the question was if he was really crying because of it.
Once we had a barbecue on the garden and some friends with three children came over. The youngest child had just eight months. At that time I could see that everybody has different rules. This family for example didn´t agree on using the proximal tubule for intestines, when the child had a problem with it, because they said it should be a natural process, but they thought that special technique, called „flying babies“ help the same or even better and not only with these problems. (“Flying babies” is a technique, where we really fly with our children, for example we hold them on their leg and circle them around our head))
I had a long discussion with a dad of these three children, he also showed me how he uses this method with his kids, and I can say only that his middle son, who was used to that technique from the time he was a tiny baby, seemed to be very happy and enjoyed that moment with his dad and wanted him to fly over and over again) His dad told me that he thinks that technique helped all of his children with child colic and development of their musculoskeletal system)
It is hard to say what is correct and what is not, and if we should interfere into the natural development, but because we have these options, because of the technology and new knowledge I would probably take the middle road. And the intuition of the parents is always the most correct. So, mums, dads, do what your heart tells you to do…

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