Friday, February 15, 2013

How much sodium is a healthy amount for a young baby?

Did you even know that you should be watching the amount of sodium your baby takes each day? It is very important, so important that if you cross a healthy limit for the day you can put the child in a life threatening situation.

Why is it so important to watch it for our babies…simply put, because their kidneys are not like ours and they are not able to regulate the amount of sodium inside of the body. That´s why using bigger amount of sodium can damage their kidneys. Even 1g of salt on 1kg of baby weight can be life threatening for the newborn.

Cooked solid food shouldn’t contain any salt at all. Older babies can get some food, which contain a little salt (rolls, cheese), but they shouldn´t eat salty rolls, salt cheese, smoked meat or pickles, all the products mentioned above contains a lot of salt. (In fact even when the babies are breastfed, mother´s milk contains some amount of sodium as well. That is fine as it is just a healthy amount for the baby, but we should keep it on mind and count with it)

Also don´t forget when your baby is taking some food supplement, you should add it to the daily amount of allowed sodium. Lot of babies take Nutrition product (because of the reflux problems) and it is very important to know that this product contain some sodium as well. It is advisable to verify the baby water you can buy at shop for sodium amount as well, this shouldn´t exceed the limit of 20mg per 1 litre.

Recommended daily amount of sodium

Age                                             Recommended daily amount

0 – 6 month                                 120 to 242mg

7 – 12 month                               334mg

1 – 3 years                                  500mg

4 – 6 years                                  700mg

7 – 10 years                                1200mg

11- 14 years                               1600mg

Mineral water which contains 200mg of sodium per 1 litre are not appropriate. Pregnant and feeding women should look out for these limits. This limit will help to prevent from swelling and high pressure.

Sodium intake in England is 2 - 3 times higher than our organism needs and can use.

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